Backlight – Refurbishment – Part 1

Backlight – Refurbishment – Part 1

As i do two refurbishments (1972 Bertone and 1972 Spider) at one go, i do have to increase the efficiency and combine as much as possible and combine similar stuff together in one go.

Finally – after the first review i figured out that the technology the backlights are made of, totally differ.
The Silver finish on the Spiders backlight are made with a kind of galvanic technology who adds the chrome layer. The Bertone backlight with the silver layer inside seems to be a real silver coat and nothing galvanic made.

Nevertheless – at least cleaning is something i have to do on both. 😉

After opening the spider backlights i thought originally that there is a kind of glue filled into the gap to make them waterproof. After taking a second look i saw that this is wrong and this seems to be a rubber seal . I can see stuff where it was vulcanized or even burned somehow.
As this is partially like glue – i do guess chemical reactions somehow happen and caused that the structure is changed.

I started to remove it with a cutter knife, sometimes you can pull it in one go out of the gap and sometimes you have to cut it to remove something.

After doing as much as i can i decided that it is time for a washing it. I have not removed any cables. i just want to ensure the dirt is removed..

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