I have saved the domain of this websit alrady years ago. I played with different Possibilities for creating this page but i was always failing as i wasn’t liking it.

each time I have changed the layout, just to wait an additional year to give it a try again. To try to move into different direction was always causing other bloomers but finally i got it.

The website is splitted generally into multiple sections.

ART – Yes, i have painted it. Maybe i add something else , something differently than Pictures? I do have a lot of ideas, time is the issue. 😉

PHOTOGRAPHY – business related i have a lot of possibilities to travel. sounds cool, but a lot does not know that busines travel is something where you learn something about the airports. You may see also something from sightseeing perspective out of a window of a Taxi. But sometimes, i also got it. In Australia or Turkey or Malaga or Bukarest.

MANCAVE – Why shall i name it “others” or “something else”? finally it is mirroring my other interests. Iam restaurating some stuff or try to build something from my ideas. Time is also relevant here and that is the reason why sometimes some project are moving slowly forward. For instance Alfa Giulia GT Restaurierung one of those Vespas or Yoda who was waiting again for 4 Month.

It is important to know that i will several entries backward to fill time gaps.
In general the link ART and PHOTOGRAPHY all entries but “MANCAVE” is only showing the first entry and maybe also the last. If you click the link at the end of the respective page, you would see all entries of the particular project.
If you want to see all Entries unfiltered, than you would also have the chance to select “Mancave – all entries“.

HOME – sure, the name is telling it already. during the time i will replace the picture and add some words.

Possibly i will add some more categories and maybe a crowdfunding project where iam thinking for a year now.

I hope it suits,


P.s. words or word constructions like “Lifehack” or “DIY” are not my favour, similar like “You must have seen it” you wouldn’t find here. I am not a fan of it.

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