Doing two restaurations at the same time with limited space – require more agility on moving the bodyworks to the side or move it up and down or even turn it horizontal to work on the down side or upper side…

moving around
means i need to have last the weight of the bodywork of around 400 Kilogram on it. i found rolls who can wear a weight of each 100kg. for safety reasons i would use 4 on each side.

moving it up and down
Car Jacks – one of each side would be required to lift up or down. i need some bolts to adjust it in a specific height. Then i need to add below an extra element to lift it again.

Circulating it around
that mean it require an mechanism who is stable enough to turn the whole car.

attaching the body
I have seen variations where the car is screwed on the bumper location. Issue1 – the front of the spider does not have front bumper connection possibilities. That means it need to fit through the bumper location on the engine mount.
Issue 2 – the heck of the Bertone will be totally removed and rebuild. I require a possibility to lift the car by attaching it on the rear axe connectors.

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