The Shuttlebay of the U.S.S. Reliant is part of the Saucer-Segment and backwards related. The AMT-ERTL model arrives with the possibility to have the Shuttlebay closed or open.
Open means there is a clear plastic part who can be attached and will offer the possibility to look inside. the issue is that there is nothing inside who can be reviewed. so i decided to do it in a different way. Yes it should be possible to look into the inside BUT it should also be possible to close/ open the shuttlehangar automatically. So the idea is to have a micro-environment who is servo controlled and is opening and closing the shuttle bay. that also means that LED and micro-shuttles are required and and and… I studied the net a bit and found some possibilities how it can be structured. In no show was any Miranda clearly displaying the inner part of the bay.
I also reviewed several scenes of the Star Trek 2 again and again to identify all positions of flashy light and want to implement them into the soucer, warp nacelles and other areas.
below is the initial Picture of my own hand build prototype made of standard plastic anyone has at home.

Similar with the LEDs the Shuttlebay needs a power supply. I decided that the control Mainboard is outside of the Shuttle. that means that several Data and Power-Streams are required to control everything. Multiple Data streams also allow to handle possibility of partially dead LEDs for whatever reasons without having the whole model dark. furthermore i decided for programmable LEDs to ensure that i can simulate different colors and other stuff…
Anyway – LEDs are one topic. first would it be required to have a working shuttlebay…

Thanks to my Little brother who borrowed me his 3D-Printer which allows me mass production of variations until i found the perfect version.

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