Insane …
Lovely cloudy day today.
It is already a bit late. In a Facebook group about Alfa Romeo there was a new thread… in behalf of a friend there was someone asking for an price evaluation of an Alfa Romeo Spider from 1972…
An other Guy answered in German – “hmm… this car in this condition around 3000 Euro as it sounds not complete”
I wrote directly a private message to him that i might be interested.
I finally received on the same evening the phone number and the owner told me that his father passed last year away and he want to sell it.
he sent me more pictures and we went into negotiation.
At the end it ended on 2250 euro and 6 bottles of local wine.
On the next evening we started with a phone call, end the deal was done.
Contract signed some days later and an initial payment of 250 Euro was done.

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