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Yeah… the Ship is awesome – i like the Miranda Class. A heavy Cruizer of Starfleet and build roughly 10 years after the Constitution class as captained by Pike and Kirk later.

I bought some Models on ebay by a guy who sold his old rubbish models. It contained a NCC-1701-D-Enterprise, a Romulan Warbird, a Defiant, a DS9 Model and the Reliant. All together for roughly 90 bucks. Pre-build and painted. As he added HD-Pictures on Ebay i was seeing the glue he was using. The Glue was a typical glue who is creating crystals if it gets older and prudish. For that reason i thought to give it a try and use a cutter-knife to cut all pieces again.

The Paint was terrible. I used fine grinding paper to remove the brush marks and decals. with Standard Spray color from the next tool market i colored the outside heavily in a light gray and from the inside first in black and than in silver. I added a lot of holes into it and used silver color again.

Now it needs to dry for a while…

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