“you can’t be a true petrolhead until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo”

Jeremy Clarkson

I have done it… my first Alfa… it is more like a “Flintstone car” where you have to use your feets to drive the car… I bought it without Steering Wheel and without Seats… the interior was mostly not available – same with Chrome Elements like the door openers… i do guess this got sold before… however based on the condition i do guess those are not usable anyway…

Initially i was reviewing a Alfa Romeo nineteensixtysomething Giulietta… 4 seats Berlina Version for 1000€ incl. Transport but i decided not to buy it. (below 3 Pictures of a restaured Giulietta)

On the way back home i called the seller and he told me that he sold it in the meanwhile.. So the journey started again and here it is…

I finally found my lovely car in greater dortmund area and pad 2100 incl transportation. We finally stored in on a parking slot and i was waiting some more days until i got my garage key.

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